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6 years to adult* 
Thursdays, 6-7pm. 

This strings group is an introduction to orchestra playing and reinforces basic music reading and ensemble playing skills.  It will familiarize students with following a conductor, taking notes and listening skills necessary for successful orchestral musicianship.


PRE-REQUISITES: Students must be at Perpetual Motion Suzuki Book 1 level or equivalent.

ENROLLMENT: Entire academic year (2 semesters)

TUITION: $133 per 9-week semester (included in Suzuki Studio tuition package)

Minimum Scale Requirements:

Scales in G, D & A Major (1 octave)

Scales in D & G Major (1 octave)

Scales in D & G Major (1 octave)

All Instruments

Time Signature 4/4; halves, quarters and eighths; step-wise motion only

To Register, email Jessica Hoffman with the subject line "Concert Strings" at and include your child's name, age, book level and instrument.









"Any skill can be acquired by constant repetition"

- Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

Fiddle Class Bk 2.png

New & Upcoming Fiddle Class!

Starting January 2021

ENROLLMENT:  Bi-weekly,  45 min

PRE-REQUISITE:  Book 2 and up (or equivalent) or consent of instructor

TUITION:  $185 per 8 week semester

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